Bladder & Bowel Services Map

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The Bladder and Bowel Services map is intended to be a resource for everybody to help signpost to services and join up how we work in the continence space.
What is the Bladder and Bowel Service map?

This Bladder and Bowel Service map has been developed as a resource to raise awareness of bladder and bowel service providers. The map provides locations, website links and contact details for both adult and paediatric services. It can also be searched to identify specific services, types of service, and regional provision, which we hope will help to target the use of the map.

Who is the Bladder and Bowel Service map for?

The map is intended for use by:

Why was the Bladder and Bowel Service map developed?

The map was developed as we realised there was no easy way of connecting with the bladder and bowel service community given that there was no overall comprehensive list. We identified as many services as we could to undertake a specific project and felt the effort taken to locate these services could benefit others working in this space and enable a more joined up community to advance care for people with incontinence.

This is not a complete list and currently only covers England, but we are keen to expand this and be as inclusive as possible. We would be delighted for you to add your service, or a service you are aware of, to the database to enable the resource to be as complete and helpful as possible, please contact Professor Nikki Cotterill [email protected].

Please also advise us of any errors to help us make this as useful as possible. We recognise service provision changes and will require an annual update to ensure the reliability of the resource, so will be in touch periodically to confirm current details.

All details included are publicly available and comply with GDPR regulations.

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